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Heating ServicesAlthough the summers can get pretty warm and uncomfortable, the winters are just as bad. Snow, rain, ice, and sleet are just some of the weather events that occur come wintertime. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a heating system that not only keeps you warm, but also works efficiently. Hoholik Enterprises, Inc. has a full range of top-notch heating services aimed at your comfort. From heat pump systems to furnaces, we have a heating solution for you.

Call us if you need your furnace and heating equipment looked at for maintenance or repairs – we can assess and repair all brands and models. We can also be at your door same-day when necessary if you’re experiencing a heating emergency and need help right away. We are family owned and operated which means we treat each customer like family – we’d never leave you out in the cold!

See below for signs that you might need a heat pump or furnace replacement:
  • You furnace or heat pump is outdated.
  • It lacks in energy efficiency.
  • Strange noises are coming from your system.
  • Your energy bill is higher than usual.
  • The air isn’t warm.
  • Strange smells are coming from your unit.
  • Your furnace or heat pump is loud.
  • The repairs start to add up.

Hoholik Company Team

Furnace Replacement & Installation

If your heating equipment is 10-15 years old and is not heating your home like it used to, it may be nearing the end of its optimal life. Even high quality systems will eventually lose efficiency and will need to be replaced. Our installation experts can come to your home and let you know how much time you have left with your furnace and can make recommendations to prepare for a new unit. Newer systems are much more energy efficient than models available even just a few years ago, which means your new unit will start saving you money on your energy bills. Contact Hoholik Enterprises, Inc. today and find out about our superior HVAC installation services.

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